A Lifestyle of Beauty


“Wow! What an experience I had with the T Barnes Relaxing Facial! I was so relaxed and very much in tune with deep meditation, connection with mind, body and soul. I actually forgot I was there for a facial. I felt wonderful and my skin had a new glow. I can’t wait to experience this journey again. See you soon T Barnes!”
Beverly Fisher, Dallas, Tx.

“Thank you for bringing class back to the black haircare/beauty salon! Woohoo! It was an honor to be your first customer.”
Sabrina Ross, Danbury, CT

” I must say I had the best damn weekend, I went for my first facial with Ms T.Barnes and let me tell you It was GREAT!!!!!!!!! I can’t began to explain, I didn’t even wanna wash my face in the morning, her presence just makes you feel so relaxed, warm, and comfortable, then after I was able to meet a wonderful hair stylist who did just as I asked, she was gentle on my head no pulling or twisting, and she even explained to me the process of my natural hair growing out and what I can expect for the months to come, and most of all I wasn’t there all day.So to you TaNesha, and Danielle Thank you for making my weekend a beautiful one inside and out. I look forward to seeing you both in the future…..pictures coming soon of my new hair style.”
Tomeca Lachell Harris, Danbury, CT

“Love your products!”
Tanya Hazelhurst Dawkins, Charlotte, North Carolina

Finally home after a very long & equally wonderful night, with some very beautiful women. Not too long ago I decided to open up to new people and new experiences and I haven’t regretted that decision once. I love that my friends have become family and that hard work has become lots of fun. Can’t wait until our next event!!!
Janelle Lesinsky, Waterbury, CT

Words can’t express how grateful I am to have been a part of such an amazing event.. ! I am honored to be a part of a network of Strong Business Owners and Entrepreneur! To be able to share my business’ products and services with all of you; as you did with me, is an experience like no other! Thanks for believing in me enough to include a business that won’t launch until June, 2013 !! Can’t wait until next month!! #Cocktails&Conversations!!
Aisha Lawerence, Hartford, CT

I feel so blessed to have experienced this evening with some beautiful women. This evening was very powerful and uplifting on soo many levels. From the facial, to the make up enhancement, to the Reiki. I could go on and on. Great food, m…usic, and great connections were made…To TaNesha, I thank you for Cocktails and Conversations and for your vision. Please visit TBarnesbeauty.com for more information on upcoming events!!!
Tanisha Rawlinson, Hamden, CT

I had a great time. I can’t wait for next month! Thank you for putting together such a classy event.
Takisha Nieves, Danbury, CT

That was so much fun! All the different workshops were amazing!! The music was great, as well as the food, and a beautiful crowd. I too cant wait for next month.
Rachelle Sheppard, Danbury, CT

Thanks so much TaNesha Barnes I really enjoyed myself everything was amazing can’t wait until next month !!
Colette Brown, Waterbury, CT

Valentine event was very nice. Chris Rob was off the chain and my God given talent (Singing) wasn’t so bad either. Thank you daughter for allowing me to fulfill one of the things on my Bucket List. (LOL)
Julie Barnes Danbury, CT

I just wanted to say thank you again! I always feel confident when I leave you!!!
Malissa Leah Danbury, CT