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T. Barnes is an established licensed esthetician and business owner who has serviced the tristate area since 2003. She provides facial treatments, body waxing and make-up application services at her esthetics studio and boutique SOLACE in Connecticut. Her signature facial “Suspended Tranquility” is transformative. T. Barnes is not your ordinary esthetician. Armed with years of experience in the beauty industry and a personal intellectual curiosity for history and global current events, 2 master’s degrees in history and teaching for social justice, the salon experience becomes a great conversation that extends far beyond beauty.

T. Barnes Beauty, LLC is a lifestyle brand. It offers T. Barnes Organic Skincare, Fresh Face Vegan Foundation, healthy mineral cosmetics, bath and body, the Signature Soy Candle, a line of Global Travel Apparel and finds. T. Barnes products are sold online at www.tbarnesbeauty.com, various boutiques and salons in the US, Caribbean and Africa. T. Barnes also sells her line and other brands through her own stores SOLACE boutiques in Anguilla west, Anguilla east, Bethel, and SOLACE online. In an effort to build the T. Barnes community, she hosts A Lifestyle of Beauty Retreats around the world in January of each year and a T. Barnes Beauty “Go Where the Love Is” summer in Anguilla. You can find her show Living Beauty, on the television and web.

T. Barnes has established a loyal and growing clientele that purchases her products globally. Her clientele travels to the SOLACE studio from New York, New Jersey and all over Connecticut to receive their treatment and the salon experience.

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